Art Activities

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Draw a chosen object
Description: Have a child pick an object in the room and everyone has to draw the picture of that object as well as they can.
Art Museum Field Trip
Description: Take the children to an art museum and when they come back, have them draw a piece of the museum art that they liked the best.
Abstract Art
Description: Have the children draw any type of scene but they can only draw it using squares and rectangles. The result is usually very creative and artsy.
Real Flower
Description: Have the children go out and choose a flower to sit by. Then have the children draw a picture of that flower while they are sitting next to it and examining it. They will be able to draw features of the flower that they never thought existed before.
Know the planets
Description: Have the children research the planets and then have them draw them all in order and as size-correct as they can. This is a good learning activity too.

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