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Play dough creations
Description: Bring enough play dough for all the kids in your room. Then have a contest on who can create a certain object/animal the best.
Beautiful beads
Description: Bring some yarn balls and a lot of different coloured beads and have the children create their own bracelets or necklace.
Bean art
Description: Bring a lot of colorful beans along with printer paper and glue. Have the children create any art picture by glueing the beans on the paper.
Mini clay pot
Description: Bring modeling clay, read the instructions on it to prepare it for use. Have the children create clay pots with their hands. After the clay pots dry, you can have them paint it.
Sand art
Description: Bring colorful sand, paper and glue. Have the children create any type of scenery they want. The results are usually very beautiful.

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