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Heads Up Seven Up
Description: This game has been around for a long time. Choose seven children to come towards you, have the rest of the students put their heads down but with their thumbs up. Then have the seven children go around the room and each one of has to touch a face down person's thumb. Then that face down person puts his thumb down and when all seven people are back in the front of the room, the people who got their thumbs put down, have to guess who touched their finger. If he/she gets it right then he/she gets to go up next and the person who touched the thumb has to sit down.
Down Down Down
Description: Have two children toss a golfball between each other. Everytime one of the kids drop a ball, the other kid says "Get down on one knee" , second drop is "get down on both knees", third is "get down on one elbow", then "get down on both elbows" and lastly "get down on your chin".
Human Pinball
Description: The children sit down in a circle with their legs out. They can only move their legs side to side in order to hit the ball that is moving around. There is a child in the middle and if the ball hits him/her then he/she has to sit down and another person gets to be in the middle.
Colour Tag
Description: You shout out a random color and the children have to touch part of another child's clothing that has that colour.
Marble Soccer
Description: Have one marble per two people. Then the two people are each on opposite sides of a desk. There is a marble in the middle and the objective of each child is to hit the marble pass the edge of the other child's table. The child may only hit the marble by sliding their palm across the side of their edge.

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