Holiday Activities

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Thanksgiving Activity
Description: Have the child put some paint on the front of their hand. Then have them stamp their hand on a piece of paper. They then draw the extra features on the hand to make the final drawing look like a turkey.
Thanksgiving Activity
Description: Get many different colors of construction paper, a black marker and a pinecone. Then have the children cut out feathers from the construction paper and glue it to the back of the pinecone. Then have them draw a turkey face and attach that to the front of the pinecone and have them draw a little face on it with their marker.
Easter Activity
Description: Get different color construction paper and have the children cut out a lot of strips from those construction paper. Then have them weave a colorful baskey, use tape if necessary. After its complete you can have them play the typical find the egg easter game using their new colorful basket.
Valentine Activity
Description: Have a lot of red and pink construction paper. Have the kids cut out hearts from the paper and then attach all the hearts by a string. Then have them hang the string over a part of their house or the room and thats an instant beautiful decoration.
Christmas Activity
Description: Have a white styrofoam ball, we can call it the snowball. Then make a mini obstacle course with various objects as walls or street cones. The child has to use a pencil to poke the ball through the obstacle course. First one to finish wins.

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