Miscellaneous Activities

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House of cards
Description: Bring some decks of cards. Have the children create the grandest house they can make.
Memory game
Description: Place a bunch of objects in front of a child. Have the child close his/her eyes and then remove one object. Tell the child to open his/her eyes and guess which object is missing.
Heart breaker
Description: Bring a lot of paper(preferably red construction paper) and scissors. Have the children draw hearts on it and cut it in two with zigzag edges. Then mix all the hearts and have them complete the split hearts.
Listening game
Description: Have a child close his/her eyes. Then you get a random object and tap it with a spoon or your nails. The child has to guess what object it is. If it is too difficult, you can show them all the possible objects first before you have them guess it.
Description: Get a lengthy object like a room and place it between two stacked objects like a desk. Have the children try to pass under the object with only bending their backs. If they touch the lengthy object at all they lose. The length object can be lowered to increase difficulty.

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