Music Activities

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Glass Tapping
Description: Get some empty glass bottles. Fill each of them up with different amount of water and then let the children create their own music by tapping a spoon against each of them.
Rubberband Strings
Description: Get an empty can, preferably one as big as a coffee can. Then wrap rubber bands to the top and bottom of the open can. Have the children pluck each rubber band to create music.
Body Music
Description: Play a song you choose and while its playing, have the children tap certain parts of their body like the head, face,knees, arms, hands and that will create a unique enjoyable rhythm.
Description: Bring some empty water bottles, rice and/or beads. Have the children paint the waterbottles then pour rice or beads inside the waterbottles. They now have made a colorful shake and all you have to do is shake it to make sound.
Freeze Dance
Description: Have the children dance to a song. And when you stop the song, the kids have to freeze in their place. You can turn it into a competition by eliminating the kid that freezes the slowest.

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