Outdoor Activities

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Alphabet hunt
Description: Give the children a random word. They then have to find objects that begin with the first letter of that chosen word. First person to collect all the objects wins.
Description: Bring frisbees. Have the children throw frisbees to each other.
Marble collecting
Description: Bring lots of colorful marbles, maybe five of each color. Stand on a grassy area, and drop/throw all the marbles on the floor. Assign every child a different color marble to pick up. The person who picks up all the marbles of their color first wins.
Description: Bring a lot of printer paper and a long string. Have the children draw snowflakes and cut them out. Then have them poke a hole on the top of their snowflakes with a pencil. Connect all the snowflakes with the string and hang it outside.
Description: Just bring a ball and have them play virtually almost any sport.

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