Science Activities

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Unbreakable Egg
Description: You will make a contraption to prevent a dropped egg from breaking. Get tons of rubber bands, straws, tape and a container. Put the egg in the container put some straws in the bottom of the container. Wrap your egg around rubberbands and attach the rubberband to the sides of the container with tape. See if the egg will break if you drop the container from a certain height.
Polymer Slime
Description: Get a ziplock bag. Pour 1 cup of cornstarch into it. Pour 1/4 cup of water in it. Add food colouring to make it a certain color if you want. Push the air out of the bag and close it. Then knead it and wait a short while.
Density of material
Description: Gather some random school supplies. Like a pencil, ruler, cups, etc. And have the children guess if it will sink or float.
Magnets Strength
Description: Get 2 magnets and attach a string to them. Then see if they still attract one another through paper, through metal, through water. Then continue to fold the paper and see how many folds you can do to it before it becomes too thick for the magnets to attract one another.
Weight of objects
Description: Get a 1m long string. Get two objects of different weights. Attach one of the objects to one end of the string and the other to the other end. Then wrap the string around one of your fingers. And then let go of the objects and watch which object goes down and which goes up.

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