Writing Activities

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Description: You put up a random word on the board. The first kid to create one word out of every letter of your word wins.
Around the word
Description: Pass a sheet of paper and a pencil around the room. Every child writes one letter, the goal to is to create a sentence or paragraph. If a kid takes over a certain time period to write down a letter that connects with the word then he/she loses.
Spelling contest
Description: All the children are to have a paper and pencil. You shout out ten words and the person who spells the most of them correctly wins. There can be multiple winners.
Description: Think of an object or animal, tell a random child what it is then have him/her act out the object without saying anything. The first child to correctly write down what that object/animal is wins. After a child writes down his/her guess then they have to raise their hand and you go to them to verify.
Create a book
Description: Every child must have colorful construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons and a pencil. They then create their own little book.

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